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Mental health of veterans, their partners and family

Like the general public, veterans, their partners and families may experience difficulties with their mental health over their lifetimes.  In addition, due to the nature of their past work, there is an increased possibility of veterans having difficulties dealing with traumatic incidents which have occurred, for example, from childhood, prior to joining up, during service and afterwards.

We know it can be difficult for veterans to let others know they are having a tough time including worrying about what other’s might think about them, and finding it hard to know who to tell.

VOS has an in-house clinical team which includes psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapist who come with a wealth of experience in mental health services and experience of working with veterans (and current serving armed forces).

All psychological services are FREE to the service users, their partners and family members (aged between 18-24 in full time education) except when we are asked to prepare a report for legal purposes.  A fee will be applicable for reports written for legal purposes – please ask the clinical team for details.