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Online at JustGiving

You can organise a fundraising event and collect donations, sponsor a fundraiser or make a donation online.

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Veterans Raffle

Support Veterans Outreach Support (VOS)
Win up to £25,000 for £10pcm supporting us (Guaranteed draw Winners).
Up to 95% of Raffle Proceeds to Charity & Prizes (Higher than any Lottery).
Best jackpot Odds & No Rollovers (Giving You the Best Chance to Win).

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The Giving Machine

If you shop online, please consider using The Giving Machine. If you access your favourite retailers through The Giving Machine, they will donate a percentage of your purchase to VOS. It only takes a few extra clicks and will not cost you a penny.

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If you have a PayPal account, you can donate to VOS from your account by sending your donation to the email address admin@vosuk.org, or simply click the donate button below.

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